The One with The Beginning

Well hello there!

If you are reading this, then most likely you have enjoyed as I regaled you with stories of my ridiculous dating adventures on social media and have come here to read more of the same.

But in case you are new to this, let me tell you a little bit about me and what you get to expect in reading my lovely little blog.

I am a single, on and off again dater/datee who makes wild swings and misses at dating. One of my mottos for life is to embrace the awkward and consequently, I have thoroughly enjoyed laughing at my own awkward dates and the “bumbling” that I and the “gentlemen” I come into contact with are doing in this weird little dance we call dating.

My adventures in dating really got started a couple years ago. Each year I make birthday resolutions (instead of new years resolutions) and for year 26 I decided that I wanted it to be the year of doing the uncomfortable.

For me, dating is incredibly uncomfortable. Maybe you are one of those freaks (and I say that with all love) who LOVE sitting across the table from a total stranger (unless you are on one of those weird dates where they think it’ll be cute to sit on the same side of the table- I mean c’mon dude it’s a first date, I want to look at your hopefully handsome face, not quite ready for you to whisper sweet nothings in my ear all of dinner ya weirdo) and ultimately bare the socially presentable parts of your soul
– Hobbies such as a love for hiking and adventure (because who in online dating doesn’t “love hiking”), food (everyone is a foodie), or crocheting sweaters for your cats
– Amazing talents such as the ability to glisten instead of sweat when you work out, your record low score at mini-golf, the way you can quote How I Met Your Mother episodes backward and forwards in a way that would make your mom blush
– And any other claims to fame like meeting Ellen Degeneres, being in a band in 10th grade, or having made direct eye contact in the airport with 50 Cent in 2012.

All this while making sure to not share the less presentable things like…. how you actually feel about our current president, your concern over being incapable of love due to witnessing some catastrophic marriages, a recent divorce or breakup that left you scarred, that you have a blog telling dating horror stories, or your own checkered history with the state of Oregon’s judicial system as related to their driving laws…

Maybe you are one of those people who enjoy that slow torture.

As for me though, navigating that balancing act is just a tad on the uncomfortable side. So venturing into the uncomfortable realm of dating was one of the things that I decided to do for my Year 26– or as my best friend came up with my year of “#26neverlookedsogood

Some of what began in that year was so good. I dated a guy who in so many ways was an answer to prayers no one but Jesus knew I prayed (in case you didn’t know already, my faith matters quite a bit to me). It didn’t work out but I grew and learned so much. I also went on a few dates with guys that I previously would have assumed were entirely out of my league. But in addition to all the wonderful adventures I had and people that I met, #26neverlookedsogood also started what has been the most comical string of dates and ridiculous encounters with the (mostly) male population.

Its been two years since that fateful birthday. Most of these dates ended with late-night laughter as I recounted the stories to my friends across the kitchen table. Thankfully, I love to laugh and make others laugh. So all the awkward dates and ridiculous moments I have experienced over the last two years have turned into this…

You, being here to read the stories, old and new, of how I bumble awkwardly through dating. Feel free to laugh with and at me in the midst of this craziness. I know I will.

And check back in a couple of days for my next post all about my awkward kisses!

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