The One with the Lended Heart

There is no such thing as the perfect partner. The partner you choose will likely be similar to you in some ways while being wildly dissimilar in other ways. As you learn and grow together you have the opportunity to lend your hearts to one another and seek out the ways in which your story and your unique self can bring value to their story. Be open to the ways, expected or unexpected, that their hearts can bring value to your story.

It can feel so important to seek out someone who understands your experiences. On the other hand it can also be so beautiful to find someone who has known something different from what you’ve known and experienced, because through their story you have the opportunity to open up a new and uncharted chapter of your own story. Whichever is more true in your life, don’t despise their story. Let the adventure of love begin.

Have you known what it is to be seen?
To be loved as you are?
Has your heart been protected?
Have you seen true love?
Will you share with me how that feels?
Will you invite me in to know the warmest affection?
Can you love and protect me
In the way that you’ve known?
Can you seek me and see me
And show me what is is to be known?

Have you known what it is to be broken?
To carry the scars?
Have you learned how to fight?
Have you learned how to survive?
Will you stand beside me int struggles?
Will you fight for our joy?
Can you care for my hearts tender places,
Even as I care for yours?

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