To the One

To the boy that I can’t get out of my head.
When you come to my mind when I’m reading my favorite book.
When I want to share my whimsical thoughts or funny moments of my day.
When I hear about your house and I want to help make it home.
When you tell me stories of your mom and I want to make her love me.
When I pass through your neighborhood and I can’t help but miss you as I pass by.

It says more about me than it does about you.

I am the most.
I am the one.
I’m the one who believes.
I’m the one who sees you for all that you are.
I’m the one who is loyal far past the fault.
I’m the one who believes in who you are and will be.
I’m the one who admires and respects you deeply.

But that’s who I am.
That’s my heart. That’s my character.
I love deep.
This is just my heart before love, practicing to live out the character that is so innate in me.
It’s not you, it’s never been you. Not you today or the you before you.

It’s always been me.
Here’s to me knowing my heart.
Here’s to me loving me even when you don’t.
Here’s to me knowing how to own who I am.
Here’s to me never not loving fully, even when it bruises my heart a little.

Here’s to me always being my One before my Only

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